The history version of LDPlayer

Release time:2018/9/21
Update log:
1. Newly added the function of video recording that can record the exciting moments.
2. Newly added the function of locking mouse within the window of LDPlayer, which can avoid the issue of wrongly right clicking the desktop while fiercely fighting.
3. Newly added the function of selecting language for installing, which can automatically match native language by default.
download url:Download

Release time:2018/8/8
Update log:
1. Greatly optimized the game performance and frame rate on Windows 10, and reduced the screen delay. Smoothly operate without dropping frames.
2. Added the function of showing real-time frame rate in games and clearing the cache.
3. Added the function of manually setting vertical sync to reduce screen tearing and improve graphics quality.
download url:Download

Release time:2018/7/26
Update log:
1. Fix the issue of tearing graphics in Identity V and enhance the fluency of the game.
2. Focus on supporting intelligent key hints in PUBG MOBILE (Please check the check box "Show mapping hints" in Keyboard mapping).
3. Optimize FPS for Intel integrated graphics.
download url:Download

Release time:2018/7/6
Update log:
1. Optimize graphics performance and increase game frame rate.
2. Fix the issue of swithing TPP or triggering shooting still after the crosshair key is set as V or F key in PUBG.
3. Add the prompt of closing Avast antivirus software and using Mobile resolution when PUBG is opened.

Release time:2018/6/14
Update log:
1. Optimize product experience of "Keyborad mapping", support the game to display translucent buttons.
2. Enhance the scanning stability and compatibility of QR code, and repair a series of problems.
3. Enhance capability of "Keyboard macro", support some new instructions.

Release time:2018/5/9
Update log:
1. Match PUBG Mobile, easily open 2K resolution and HDR graphic quality.
2. Fix an issue of random failure in bag map button in PUBG Mobile.
3. Fix an issue of not turning perspective in PUBG Mobile.

Release time:2018/4/20
Update log:
1. Improve compatibility greatly and solve a series of apps compatibility problems.
2. The magnetic disk management function can completely solve the problem that the long running magnetic sheets are getting bigger and bigger.
3. Optimize PUBG mouse acceleration problems, shooting aiming more accurately.

Release time:2018/4/9
Update log:
1. The key is to optimize CPU and continue to improve the fluency of FPS game.
2. It especially supports the 60 frames of the PUBG, improving the fluency greatly.
3. Optimize the 《Knives Out荒野行动》, greatly enhance the fluency.