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How to enable VT (Virtualization Technology)

Release times: 2018-04-19 10:47:16

Virtualization technology could improve the performance of your computer and run LDPlayer more smoothly and faster. 

1. Has my computer already opened VT? 

View the upper right corner of the LDPlayer. If you see the VT button, it means that VT is disabled; otherwise VT is already enabled, you can skip this tutorial. 

Enable VT

2. How to get into the main board BIOS? 

Restart computer and press F2 or DELETE key (if not try ESC, F1, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12), or Google how to enter BIOS. 

3. Enable VT 

a. If you do not see a mouse in the BIOS, please click "←"、"→"、"↑" or "↓" to switch options and press "Enter" to select them. 

b. The name of the VT option is usually called Virtualization (the keyword is Virtual or Virtualization, a few cases are VT-X or SVM), which is usually in < advanced > (Advanced) - > < processor > (CPU), and some in Configuration or Security. 

c. Set the virtualization technology option (VT) to Enabled. 

d. Then press the save key (usually F10) to save and exit (Save & Exit). 

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